About Brenda Gael Smith

Serendipity & the Art of the Quilt Blog

Since making my first quilt, patchwork quilting and textiles have developed into a compelling avocation for me. (I was a commercial and regulatory lawyer in another life.)

I relish every step in the quiltmaking process – the planning, the construction, the sharing AND the serendipity factor!

I make and design my quilts at my home at Copacabana on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia.

I am active in The Quilters’ Guild of NSW and am happy to travel most places to teach. I am particularly keen for others to discover and explore quiltmaking as a creative outlet. Developing online resources is one way of sharing. Welcome to the my blog and don’t forget to check out my websites.

You can see some of my quilts and read more about my background on my Serendipity Patchwork & Quilting website.

My other website, www.brendagaelsmith.com, highlights a selection of my contemporary quilts.


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